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Encyclopaedia Of The Magic Lantern

Encyclopedia Front Cover

The Encyclopedia of the Magic Lantern

The Encyclopedia of the Magic Lantern is the Society's most ambitious project to date.We have attempted to provide a comprehensive reference source to the history, technology, uses and aesthetics of the optical lantern in its many forms.

The alphabetical entries cover a wide range of subjects: inventors and patentees, makers and merchants, showmen, writers and lecturers; the fascinating variety of styles and shapes of lanterns, with all their delightful and exotic names; the ingenious mechanisms of slides; the organisations that used lanterns for education, propaganda or religious persuasion; and of course the collectors, collections and museums.

The book is not just focused on Europe, you will find much about America and fascinating new insights into lanterns in Japan and Australia.

Edited by David Robinson, Stephen Herbert & Richard Crangle

360pp Hardback 2001
ISBN 0 9510441 5 X

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A Typical Page

A Typical Page

Information on:
Anthony, E. & H. Company. Adelaide Gallery. Acetylene illuminant. Amundsen, Roald Engelbreth Gravning. Astrometeoroscope. (alt: astrometroscope, astrometeorscope). Ayscough, James. American Slide Company, The. Amusement Supply Company. Armstrong, A.W. A.J.Clapham Company, The. Adler, J. W. & Cie. Andersen, Hans Christian. Alexandra Palace. Adamson, Robert Beveridge. Argand, François-Pierre-Ami. Argand lamp. Aubert, Louis. L'Aisne. Australia, lantern in. Achromatic. . Adams, Dudley Advertising slides. Agioscope. Alena, Edward Van. Alston, F. Anderson, Martin - 'CYNICUS' Anderton, John. Aphengescope. Asahi, Manmaru. Autochromediascope. Anschutz, Ottomar. Askew, W.D. Acres, C., & Son. Airs & Co. Astronomical slides . Alber. Autochrome. Autotype. Bauz, Charles Adolphe. Beale, J.S. Billy, Charles. Bonnier de la Mosson, Joseph. Bourbouze, Jean Gustave. Brenograph. Buron. Barnardo, Dr Thomas John. Bishop, Charles D. Borland, F.J. Buganza, Gaetano. Barkas, W. Benetfink & Co. Bland & Long/Bland & Co. Browning, John, & Co. Butcher, W., & Sons. Bagally, W.W. Baker, Elias. Bamforth & Co. Band of Hope Union. Banks, Horace . Blow-through jet. Briggs, C. W. Co. Briggs, Daniel H. Bub, Karl. Bromley, J. Bienvenu. Bi-Lampadaire lantern. Boulanger, F. Bussell, Rev. William John. Barnes, John and William. Beard, R.R. Belzoni, Gionanni Battista. Bennett, John. Bird, Frederick Charles. Bird, Graystone, Bologna, Jack. Brown, Theodore. Beauchamp, Francis. Bischoff, J. Birmingham Photographic Co. Ltd. Brady, Mathew. Bestelmeier, Georg Hieronimus. Bausch & Lomb Optical Company. Beale, Joseph Boggs. Berg, Madame. Bergheer, Ludwig. Bischoffswerder, Johann Rudolph von. Brander, Georg Friedrich. Breitruck & Melber. Briggs, Daniel H. Brodie & Middleton. Brull & Sigmund. Belzoni, Giovanni Baptista. Bi-Unial (or Biunial) Lantern. Black, Alexander. Bowman Amusement Company. Bjorkman. Brull & Sigmund. Bing, Ignaz and Adolph. Bottcher, Professor. Baker, Samuel Henry. Beseler Lantern Slide Company. Bohm, Heinrich R. Bonheur brothers, The. Buchmann, E. Buck, Professor. Busch, Wilhelm. Barnum, Phineas Taylor. Beechey, Canon St Vincent. Bennerman and Wilson Lantern Slide Company. Brass front. Buzby, Albert G. Bond, H. Burlini, Biagio. Cardinali, Antonio. Charles, Jacques Alexandre César. Collins, C.W. Copyright. Cheffins, William. Coal gas. Colour wheel or Revolving Lantern Tinter. Caroly, J. Carre (a.k.a. Adolphon). Chevallier, Jean-Gabriel Augustin. Colouring, slide. Curtain Diaphragm. Chatham Pexton, [William] & Co. Combs, Oliver . Compass projection. Cycloidotrope. Camphorated oil. Carpenter and Westley. Childe, Henry Langdon. Condenser lenses; condensers. Centennial Photographic Company. Cuff [Cuffe], John. Came, Charles. Church Army. Colt, J. B. Co. Creiling, Johann Conrad. Czermak, Johann Nepomuk. Carette, Georges. Chemical tank. Cook, Olive. Caricature, The Magic Lantern in. Catalogues. Ceramic Models of Lantern Subjects. Chadwick, William J. Cinemas, use of slides in. Claudius, Hermann. Colza oil. Crawford, Walter M. Chromoscope (Photochromoscope). Clare, Thomas. Constant, C. Copper-plate sliders. Cat's Eye Mechanism. Caire, Nicholas John. Chasseraux, Emile. Chromatrope (alt: Chromotrope). Clement et Gilmer. Coissac, Georges-Michel. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Coulon, Henri François. Cruche, Father. Cavallo, Mr. Cellophane. Ceram, C.W (Kurt Marek). Cinematograph and Lantern. Centring Stage. Composite negative. Childe, Henry Langdo. Comte, Louis-Apollinaire-Christien-Emmanuel. Campbell, J. B. Carpenter, Philip. Choreutoscope. Cortina, Anna Maria. Crystalotype. Darlington, Ralph. Dawkins, W.A., & Co. Dallmeyer, John Henry. Dissolvent views. diapositive. Dobler, Joh. Decalcomania. Dircks, Henry. De Commerce, J. d'Estrella, Theophilus Hope. Doring. Demaria, Jules. Demaria-Lapierre, Societe anonym. Desch. Duboscq, Louis Jules. Dumotiez, Louis-Joseph and Pierre-Francois. Douglass Light Company, The. Drebbel, Cornelius Jacobus. Dechales, Charles François Milliet. Dooner, Charles. Dobler, Ludwig Leopold. Dannhorn, Max. Dolbear, Amos Emerson. Doppelmayr, Johann Gabriel. Doubell, Edward Henry. Double Lantern. Day, Wilfred Ernest Lytton Draeger, Heinrich . disc lantern, clockwork. Duncan, W. H. Dancer, John Benjamin. D'Antoni. Ellemberg, Charles. Erotica and the lantern. Eckenrath, C. Edison Manufacturing Company. Episcope or Megascope. Epidiascope. Edwyn, Richard. England, William. Enterprise Optical Manufacturing Co. Eschinardi, Francesco. Elliott-Clymer Co. A. Eidotrope. Excelsior Slide Company, The. Explosions. Ernke, F. Ehrenberger, Bonifacius Heinrick. Electric arc illuminants. Euler, Leonard. Elachalkographie. Euphaneron. Electric Cyclorama [Stereopticon Cyclorama]. Electrorama, The. Enslen, Johann Karl. Eberhard, Johann Peter. Eccentric-motion mechanism. Effect slides. Exchanges, Slide. Enlarging lantern (horizontal enlarger). Formats, slide. Funk, Christlieb Benedict. Flutiaux, H. Forster. Furo. Falk, Johann (Jean). Fallon, John. Filmstrip lanterns. Fettkoder, Konrad. Fuller, Loie. Frey brothers. Fuhrmann, August. Fantoccini slides. Frick, Joseph. Fantascope/Megascope Lantern. Furniss, Harry. Folk Literature. Francks, Jacob. Fenaut, Jacques Desire. Films, Magic Lantern in. Florian, Jean-Pierre Claris de. Ganot, Adolphe. Gaumont, Léon. Grollier de Serviere, Nicolas. Garbutt, James W. Guilbert, Gaston. Guyot, Gilles-Edmé. Gamages. Ganz, Johannes. Guetle. Grindell-Matthews, Harry. Goodwin, Rev. Hannibal. Guiness, Dr Harry. Goto, Makatiro. Galvanometer slide. Gas bags. Grottendieck, William. Green, E.T. Greindel, Franciscus. Grunert & Sengebusch. Gillen, F. A. Graffina, Antoine. Grandin, Ph. Galanty (or Gallanty, Galantee, Gallantee). Grandpre, Jules de. Highley, Samuel. Hauch, A.W. Holmes & Watson, Hooke, Robert. Holcombe, James W. Hill, Nathaniel. Hotton, E. G. How, James [& Co from 1877]. Hughes, Henry [& Son, from 1877]. Hughes, William Charles. Hughes, William Parberry. Husbands & Clarke. Husbands, Henry [& Sons, from 1893]. Halbritter, von. Hassek, Dr. Karl. Helmhack, Abraham. Hine, Charles Cole. Hine, Henry George Hinton-Fell-Elliott Inc. Howard, Mart A.. Huygens, Christiaan. Hoffmann, Paul. Harsdorffer, George Philipp. Hydrogen. Holmes, E[lias] Burton. Hagedorn, Willy. Hartley, Frederick William. Halle, Johann Samuel. Henry, Mr. Hepworth, Cecil Milton. Hepworth, Thomas Craddock. Hill, W. R. Hooper, William. Hall & Plush. Hall, E. L. Haywood, Howard. Henderson, Alexander Lamont. Hoffmann, Wilhelm. Highley, Samuel. Hauch, A.W. Holmes & Watson, Hooke, Robert Holcombe, James W. Hill, Nathaniel . Hotton, E. G. How, James [& Co from 1877]. Hughes, Henry [& Son, from 1877]. Hughes, William Charles. Hughes, William Parberry. Husbands & Clarke. Husbands, Henry [& Sons, from 1893]. Halbritter, von. Hassek, Dr. Karl. Helmhack, Abraham. Hine, Charles Cole Hine, Henry George Hinton-Fell-Elliott Inc. Howard, Mart A. Huygens, Christiaan Hoffmann, Paul Harsdorffer, George Philipp Holmes, E[lias] Burton Hagedorn, Willy. Hartley, Frederick William. Halle, Johann Samuel Henry, Mr. Hepworth, Cecil Milton. Hepworth, Thomas Craddock Hill, W. R. Hooper, William. Hall & Plush. Hall, E. L. Haywood, Howard. Henderson, Alexander Lamont, Hoffmann, Wilhelm. and much, much more......................