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Other Websites

A Junior Torch Lantern

A Junior Torch Lantern

Members’ Sites

Museums and Collections

Other Useful Sites

Commercial Sites


Members’ Sites

Magic Lantern World
Andrew Gill’s website and regular blog about his slide collection, books, Ebay store and more.

François Binetruy’s Collection
Website showing François' superb collection of magic lantern items and optical toys.

François Binetruy's Commercial Site
Commercial website offering a wide selection of optical toys and magic lantern items. Has useful section on previously sold items.

Visual Media
Thomas Weynants' site focuses both on pre-cinema and photography. It includes information on phantasmagoria slides and engravings, phantasmagoria techniques, street performers, optical toy, anamorphic demonstrations, and other subjects such as strong men & strong women.

Sergi Buka
An Illusionist, with shows that work with light, shadows and images, many using magic lantern slides. Some good videos of the illusions.

The Richard Balzer Collection
An excellent website featuring examples from Dick's renowned collection of optical devices and entertainments. "Perhaps you will see things you have not previously seen and learn something new".

Füsslin Verlag
A German publisher of excellent reference books on optical toys and pre-cinema. Looking for information on anamorphic pictures or optical toys like thaumatropes, phenakistascopes, zoetropesetc. - all can be found in the books of the Füsslin Verlag. The current book title "Laterna Magica - Magic Lantern, Vol. 1" by Deac Rossell - also a member of this Society - is published in a bilingual English/German edition.

The American Magic Lantern Theater
Delightful opening page. The site contains a useful history of the Lantern with some good images.
Terry Borton is the Director of The American Magic-Lantern Theater.
You've seen the Site now see the show!

Professor Mervyn Heard
The combined purpose of this humble site is to promote the work of 'Professor' Mervyn Heard (international lantern showman, philosopher and people's friend) and to dispel a few ill-founded rumours about that ancient, much misunderstood, frequently weird and wonderful form of pre-cinema, pictorial entertainment of which he is the prime exhibitor.

Laterna Magica
Herman Bollaert's site about the Lanterna Magica Galanteeshow is very dashing, like its owner. Equip yourself with the latest Flash plug-in to enjoy this site. It's a bit slow to down-load on a dial-up connection, but be patient, there is a splendid little show for you to enjoy.

The Projection Box
"The Projection Box is committed to publishing new research and archive documents in the subjects of pre-cinema, early film and optical recreations...." Stephen Herbert and Mo Heard
Lots of good things to enjoy.

Grand Illusions
George Auckland and Hendrik Ball's site - lots of interesting optical material and items for sale. Watch the videos!

Ludwig Vogl-Bienek and Karin Bienek's smart new website.
Lots of good things to see, even if your German is not so good, including a "visit" to Karin and Ludwig's shop in historical Limburg an der Lahn.

Derek Greenacre's Magic Lantern site
"A Thrill In The Dark. Victorian Magic Lantern Shows"
An excellent introduction to the Magic Lantern and Lantern Slides. Lots of good images, well worth a visit.

Peter Stibbons' Magic Lantern Site
A site with plans for many good things to come. Some information about the Randall-Salter Collection.
If you're visiting Norfolk, England you can still sometimes catch presentations of the Randall-Salter Lantern show.

Mike Bartley and Janet Tamblin's Site
Lots of excellent photos of Mike and Janet's various Lantern and Puppet shows.

Galantee So
Dolly Whilems and Derek Adams' Magic Lantern Site of dissolving views, animated slipper slides, some photographic slides of Java and an excellent piece on Phantasmagoria.

Pierre Patau and Elisabeth Calley's Site
Games, Juvenilia, Pre-cinema, Magic, Movable books. Established in the world famous Portobello market in London since 1982.


Museums and Collections

Musica Magica
Ruth Baumer & Günther Holzhey's website with information about their Museum and Lantern Shows.

Deutsches Filmmuseum
Site of the German Film Museum, Frankfurt am Main.

The Museum of the Cinema
The collection of Tomàs Mallol in Girona is one of the few museums where you can journey through the 500 years of the history of images.
An excellent site in Spanish, French and English.

The Museum of Pre cinema
The Minici Zotti Collection in English
A small but perfectly formed site, giving information about the Museum, a brief description of the Lantern and Lantern Slide, and some delightful animations.

The Bill Douglas Collection
Exeter, England
"Housing the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection, the Bill Douglas Centre forms the most comprehensive resource for the historical study of popular culture of any British university."
A very good site hosted by the University of Exeter.

Magic Lantern Castle Museum
Home page with a brief history of the Lantern and detailed information about this privately owned and funded museum.
Jack Judson; CEO, Director, Curator, Historian (technology), Owner. Past President,
The Magic Lantern Society, U.S. and Canada.

National Media Museum
Bradford, England
Lots of information about the Museum

The McCord Museum of Canadian History
A delightful site featuring images from the museum's collection. Imaginatively structured web pages allow you to watch a complete slide show (with reading if you want) or create your own slide sequence.

Dubai Moving Image Museum
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Inaugurated in January 2014, the Dubai Moving Image Museum houses the private collection of Mr Akram Miknas. The collections help to showcase the development in the techniques used to create moving image and provide a hands-on interactive experience for its visitors.

The Cabinet of Physics of the Teyler Museum
A beautifully presented site with images and information about early scientific instruments. Some nice magic lantern items and generally an interesting site.


Other Useful Sites

The Magic Lantern Society of The United States and Canada
Site introducing the US Society. Aimed at enthusiasts living in the USA and Canada

Toverlantaarn Op School
The Magic Lantern at School - A site in Dutch detailing Ruth Stijntjes and Daan Buddingh's Workshop's and Projects aimed at introducing children to the art (and enjoyment) of projection with a magic lantern.

La lanterne magique et le cinéma étant largement traités par ailleurs, ce site présente tout ce qui concerne le visionnage et la projection d'images fixes du XVIIIe siècle jusqu'aux années 1970.
Différentes catégories très bien illustrées permettent de retrouver les lanternes de projection, les systèmes d'éclairage, les types de vues, les gravures et chromos, les brevets et inventeurs, etc.

The magic lantern and the cinema being widely covered elsewhere, this website features everything about the viewing and projection of fixed images of the XVIIIth century to the 1970s.
Different categories, very well illustrated, track the projection lantern, lighting systems, types of views, engravings and lithographs, patents and inventors, etc.

A delightful site in Dutch and English, including some excellent images and a nice video (in Dutch).

The Collectors Weekly
The Collectors Weekly is a resource for collectors and people who love antiques. Their goal is to build a great place to explore and learn about collecting, and a showcase for the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere. Check out the latest information on magic lanterns on ebay at their special page: magic lanterns

Victorian Microscope Slides
Howard Lynk's interesting website on collectable micrsocope slides. He has some excellent illustrations of Carpenter and Westley lantern slides featuring mounted specimens.

Loek Raemakers
Small site in Dutch and English, includes the earliest illustration of a Magic Lantern 1420 AD

Professor Clark's Virtual Magic Lantern Show
An excellent site with lots of good things to look at and read. You will find whole shows with text and slides. Some of the images are quite large so the pages are a bit slow to download.
"Professor Clarke" displays a delightful degree of MADNESS. Enjoy.

Dutch Virtual Magic Lantern Museum - de Luikerwaal
An informative and richly illustrated site providing a wealth of information on the history of the magic lantern, lantern slides and their producers. A choice of Dutch or English language is offered. Don't forget to seek out the explanation of de Luikerwaal.

The Amazing Ascent of Mount Robson
A Magic Lantern Slide Show "The Amazing Ascent of Mount Robson by the Alpine Club of Canada, 1924" presented by Glenbow Museum.
The Glenbow Museum is located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dead Media Society
Everything you could want to know about anything (dead), if you could only find it. Huge, fascinating and mostly not about lanterns.
Several (living) members of the Magic Lantern Society have made contributions. See if you can spot them at the next meeting and challenge them with: "You are a living member of the Dead Media Society and I claim 5", which is a pretty dead by-line these days.

Photographer to the Tsar
The fabulous colour photographs of the "Photographer to the Tsar": Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii.
In the very early years of the twentieth century, long before colour film was invented, Prokudin-Gorskii took many colour photographs of the Russian Empire which he projected using a Tri-unial Magic Lantern.
See some of them, and how they were made. Fantastic!


Commercial Sites

This section is not an endorsement of the following sites and services by the Magic Lantern Society, but is presented for information only.

A commercial site with lots of equipment for sale: early & antique cameras, Magic Lanterns and slides, pre-cinema, and more.
Lionel Hughes, Portobello Road London

Vintage Camera Online
Links, eBooks, information about collecting vintage and antique cameras.


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