I was taught by Terry Borton and have been performing magic lantern shows in full Victorian costume since 2015 at The Amish Experience in Lancaster, our permanent theatre dedicated to the magic lantern. We offer two shows for the public:

  • This is My Country – A patriotic show primarily using Joseph Beale slides, whose musical score was nominated for a Grammy Award. Runs from early July through Labor Day (7pm, Tuesday–Saturday).
  • A Christmas Journey includes Beale slides, several sets from England and slides based on our original artwork. Runs from the day after Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve with shows at various times.

and two shows for groups:

  • A Bible Stories show.
  • An Underground Railroad show which incorporates the Magic Lantern as well as an actor who portrays a real person from the time period (African-American re-enactors).

See Magic Lantern Theater website for more information

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Other lanternists performing in U.S.A.


The Magic Lantern Society does not guarantee that any performance you arrange will match your requirements and recommends that you agree your needs in detail with any potential lanternist. Any resulting contract or arrangement to provide a show will be between the organiser and the lanternist only and will not involve the Magic Lantern Society in any way.