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A Group Of Animals Checking The Latest

The Society's Last Meeting - The Convention

Friday 17th to Sunday 19th April 2009, in London.

18th century magic lantern

Herman and Annet at the triunial


If you were not there it's difficult to describe the Society Convention and convey the full feeling of what you missed.

richard baines

A Selection of slides from The Royal Polytechnic

On Friday we had the launch of the Society's latest publication - a DVD about Bamforth's and their Life Model slides, details of the fantastic exhibition celebrating The Royal Polytechnic and its association with the lantern, a detailed description of The Royal Polytechnic from Jeremy Brooker, descriptions of the Ballards of George R Sims with accompanying slides from David Francis and Joss Marsh, a paper about "Robertson in Russia" from Tatiana Smoliarova, information on the oldest known panorama of the City of Prague from Thomas Ganz. High Tea was followed by a wonderous Polytechnic Extravaganza with Lester Smith.

A peep egg

A Polytechnic slide from The Lady in the Lake

On Saturday Terry Borton kicked things off with the story of "America´s First Great Screen Artist, Joseph Boggs Beale", followed by Mark Butterworth and his 1820's Astronomical slides, then Vreni Hockenjos enthralled us with "Staging Dreams: August Strindberg and the Sciopticon". Andrew Gill and Bernard Slattery entertained with "Queen Victoria´s Biggest Hits", followed by "Pink Dresses and Blue Eyes" from Willem Wagenaar and Company. The superb Convention Supper was followed by a magical lantern entertainment from Herman Bollaert & Company presenting their "Laterna Magica Galantee Show", including triunial lantern, ballerina, quartet and singer - stunning.

A peep egg

A Polytechnic slide from Baron von Munchausen

Sunday began with a most enjoyable Grand Auction with John Townsend acting as Society auctioneer, followed by a desription of the Turin Barnes Collection from Riccardo Polignieri. The afternoon concluded with "Play it Again Sam" from Dick Balzer and "The Ghost of the Polytechnic" from Eddie Dawes.

Exhausted but immensly satisfied members made their way home from a fantastic meeting, dreaming of the next Convention.

A peep egg

The Grand Auction