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Encyclopaedia of the Magic Lantern  


We’re sorry that we have no further copies of this title – second-hand copies may be available via EBay, Amazon or other similar sources.

David Robinson, Stephen Herbert and Richard Crangle (eds)
The Encyclopaedia of the Magic Lantern
London: Magic Lantern Society, 2001
ISBN 978-0-9510441-5-5
360 pages, hardback, 24 x 28.5cm

The Encyclopaedia of the Magic Lantern is a comprehensive reference source to the history, technology, uses and aesthetics of the optical lantern in its many forms.

The alphabetical entries cover a wide range of subjects: inventors and patentees, makers and merchants, showmen, writers and lecturers; the fascinating variety of styles and shapes of lanterns, with all their delightful and exotic names; the ingenious mechanisms of slides; the organisations that used lanterns for education, propaganda or religious persuasion; and of course the collectors, collections and museums.

The scope of the book is worldwide, covering all parts of Europe, much about North America, and fascinating insights into lanterns in Japan and Australia.