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Here Hangs A Tail

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Move your cursor over the image to see what the astronomer finds through his telescope - from an animated slipper slide

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If you cannot remember the whole word or are unsure of the spelling, it is worth trying to use the "wild card" symbolised by *. So for instance *unial will produce search results for both bi and tri unials. It should work at the beginnings and ends of words and may also work in the middle too.

The Search also seems to work better on the "Less is More effective" principle. So if you enter a phrase, for example "beard eclipse slide carrier" and select Exact phrase you will get no results, which is a pity since there is an entry for the beard eclipse, including a simple explanation of how it works. If you do get no results, don't give up, try picking out the most important word or words. In this example beard or eclipse would have produced results.
I'm not going to guarantee you will find answers to all your lantern queries, but by careful and imaginative use of the search engine, I hope you will be surprised and delighted by what you do find.

Once the results have come back and you have selected a page that has appeared in you browser, you can find the exact position of the word on the web page by selecting "Edit" from the top bar of your browser and then selecting "Find" or "Find in page".
Type the word into the box that appears and click on "Find Next". The word you want should be highlighted on the web page.

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