The Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern No. 15

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Publication date:  June 2018

Editor:  AUCKLAND, Mary Ann

Editor:  SEBUS, Gwen


  • Dick Moore, In darkest Africa, pp. 1, 3-4
  • Magic Lantern Society notice board, p. 2
  • Nicholas Hiley, Lantern showmen and early film, pp. 5-7
  • Mary Borgo Ton, Reverend Smithurst's wish list, p. 8
  • Annet Duller, A visit to the Dickens Theatre during the Dutch elections, p. 9
  • Jerry Fisher, George Auckland and Mary Ann Auckland, Charles Dickens Museum, p. 9
  • Bill Barnes, The Viviscope, pp. 10-11
  • Aileen Butler, My first slide, p. 11
  • Gwen Sebus, The travelling lantern: a symposium on mobility and migration in the practice of the magic lantern, p. 12
  • Richard Crangle, Book review: Gothic effigy, p. 13
  • Book review: Industry, liberty, and a vision, p. 13
  • Mary Ann Auckland, Magic Lantern Society of the United States and Canada: 18th Convention, p. 14
  • Mary Ann Auckland, Spring meeting of the Magic Lantern Society: London, 28 April 2018, pp. 15-16


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