The Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern No. 19

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Publication date:  June 2019

Editor:  AUCKLAND, Mary Ann

Editor:  SEBUS, Gwen


  • Helmut Wälde, The Rose lantern and slides, p. 1,3
  • The Magic Lantern Society notice board, p. 2
  • Richard Crangle, Some lesser-known Life Model slide makers: No. 3 -- T.J. and W.F. Piggott of Leighton Buzzard, pp. 4-7
  • John Hyett, Magic lantern at Comebungalong (by Robt. Kaleski), p. 8
  • Sarah Dellmann, Ine van Dooren and Gwen Sebus, 'Cackling is not laying eggs': a Dutch Suffragette propaganda show 1916/2019, p. 9
  • Lester Smith, 3½-inch square photographic slides, pp. 10-11
  • Lindsay Lambert and Andrew Mumford, Mabor limes, p. 12
  • Sarah Dellmann, Stories from Lucerna: or how people find lantern slides they did not even know they were looking for, p. 13
  • Mary Ann Auckland and Sylvia Alting van Geusau, Lanterns at the fairground: two-day event organised by the B-magic project with the MLS, 5 and 6 April, Brussels, p. 14
  • Mary Ann Auckland, Spring meeting of the Magic Lantern Society: London, 27 April 2019, pp. 15-16


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