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What Is A Lantern?

From the Society publication "Servants of Light":

A mahogany and brass Magic Lantern

A Mahogany and Brass Magic Lantern

A Russian Iron Magic Lnatern

A Russian Iron Magic Lnatern

The description and illustration of parts are adapted from Optical Lanterns and Accessories: How to Make and Manage Them, Including Instructions on Making Slides etc. ed. Paul N Hasluck (Cassell & Co., London/Funk and Wagnalls, New York, c.1901).

The Lantern

The optical lantern, probably more popularly known as "the magic lantern", is an appliance by means of which transaprencies are projected by artificial light upon a screen with the projected image having a diameter generally from thirty to eighty times greater than that of the transparency or slide, whilst the area of the image may be from one thousand to six thousand times as great.

Identification of Parts:

Diagram of a lantern