Lantern and Slide Catalogues

Lantern and Slide Catalogues: Conditions of Use

As one of the benefits of Magic Lantern Society membership, items in the Society’s Library are available for all Society members to use free of charge. This includes browsing the items online and downloading copies of them to a computer or other device.

However using the items is covered by the following Conditions of Use. If you browse or download items from the Library, the Society will assume that you agree to abide by these Conditions in full, unless you have specific written permission from the Secretary of the Society to do otherwise.

  1. You may not pass an item (or any part or copy of an item) to any other individual or organisation.
  2. You may not share an item (or any part or copy of an item) using any form of storage and retrieval system, including ‘social media’.
  3. You may not alter or remove any part of the content of an item, especially any watermarks or other identifying features.
  4. You may not use items for any commercial or income-generating purpose.
  5. If you quote from or refer to an item from the Library in any published work, you must acknowledge the source in a standard referencing style and include the wording ‘Magic Lantern Society Library,’.

If you have any questions about using items from the Library please Contact us

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