The Travelling Light Magic Lantern Company has been producing shows since 1984, entertaining audiences throughout much of southern England with a unique blend of music, song and original lantern slides.

These encompass themes so dear to our Victorian ancestors: tales of humour, daring and disaster, Temperance, parlour songs and much more. Many of these have been given a modern twist.

Shows can be tailored to any length and are fun and fast-moving, all enhanced by the musical skills of our resident pianist and singers.

Two other popular presentations are A Christmas Evening With Charles Dickens and The Life and Songs of Frederick Weatherly.

For enquiries please contact Keith and Jennifer via the Magic Lantern Society website


Other lanternists performing in U.K.


The Magic Lantern Society does not guarantee that any performance you arrange will match your requirements and recommends that you agree your needs in detail with any potential lanternist. Any resulting contract or arrangement to provide a show will be between the organiser and the lanternist only and will not involve the Magic Lantern Society in any way.

Image for The Travelling Light Magic Lantern Company
Image for The Travelling Light Magic Lantern Company