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Readings in prose and verse: with supplementary lecture book containing lectures and readings for the magic lantern

  • Library item number 90035

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Type of text:  compilation

Publication date:  not known

Publication details:  London, England: Theobald & Co.

Main language:  English

Retail price at publication:  1s. 

Notes:  This compilation appeared in numerous editions over a long period, with some reading titles added or removed from time to time and minor variations in the title and cover design. No edition is known with the entire content in one single binding, and there is some duplication of page numbers as titles were added and removed. There is also evidence that slide dealers retailed editions of this compilation with their own names on the cover (e.g. the Walter Tyler version illustrated here). This is presumed to be a commercial arrangement between the two businesses, though there may be another explanation, including the takeover of Theobald's stock by Tyler after the former business was wound up. 



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