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The abbeys, monasteries, and priories of ancient Britainlecturen.d.
F. Grove Palmer, The absent manpoemn.d.
Rudyard Kipling and Sir Arthur Sullivan, The absent-minded beggarsongn.d.
The accession of Edward VIIlecture1901
William R. May, Across central Africa with Stanley and Eminlecture1890
Adam's fallstoryn.d.
Robert Burns, Address to the toothachepoemn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Addresses on the parables: the prodigal sonsermonn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Addresses on the parables: the good Samaritansermonn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Addresses on the parables: the ten virginssermonn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Addresses on the parables: the seed and the soilsermonn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Addresses on the parables: some lessons on servicesermonn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Addresses on the parables: our moneysermonn.d.
Tifkins Thudd, Adolphus' new hatpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, An adventure with a bicyclepoemn.d.
Adventures and discoveries in central Africa: by Dr Livingstone and H.M. Stanleylecturen.d.
Robert Craven, Adventures of Ally Sloper in a snowballpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, Adventures of an amateur photographerpoemn.d.
The adventures of Baron Munchausenstoryn.d.
Adventures of Don Quixotestoryn.d.
Adventures of Julicum Snappoemn.d.
F. Grove Palmer, Adventures of Mr Snapshot and his camerapoemn.d.
Adventures of Mr Snapshot and his camera [and] Algierscompilationn.d.
Adventures with wild beastslecturen.d.
Aesop's fables: chapter Istoryn.d.
Aesop's fables: chapter IIstoryn.d.
W.T. Stead, Aesop's fablescompilationn.d.
Aesop's fablesstoryn.d.
Aesop's fablespoem1876
Brinsley Le Fanu and W.T. Stead, Aesop's fables: new seriescompilationn.d.
Aesops fabeln: I. Kapitelstoryn.d.
Aesops fabeln: II. Kapitelstoryn.d.
Chas. K. Harris and Chas. K. Harris, After 'whilesong1909
Robert Craven, The after dinner nappoemn.d.
Bishop Samuel Wilberforce, Agathos: or the whole armour of Godstoryn.d.
Airships and aeroplaneslecturen.d.
Aladdin: new seriesstoryn.d.
Aladdin: or the wonderful lampstoryn.d.
Aladdin: or, the wonderful lampstoryn.d.
Aladdin and the magic lanternstoryn.d.
Aladdin and the wonderful lampstoryn.d.
Aladdin and the wonderful lampstoryn.d.
Frank Freeland, Aladdin and the wonderful lampstoryn.d.
R.B. Bell, Aladdin or the wonderful lampstoryn.d.
Aladdin, or the wonderful lampstoryn.d.
Charles Wakely, Alcohol and the human bodylecturen.d.
Algeria and Tunislecturen.d.
J.J. Acworth, Algierslecturen.d.
The Alhambralecturen.d.
Ali Baba: or, the forty thievesstoryn.d.
Ali Baba and the forty thievesstoryn.d.
Ali Baba en de veertig roovers [Ali Baba and the forty thieves]storyn.d.
Ali-Baba: ou les quarante voleursstoryn.d.
Alice in wonderland: chapter I – down the rabbit holestoryn.d.
Alice in wonderland: chapter II – the mad tea partystoryn.d.
Alice in wonderland: chapter III – who stole the tarts?storyn.d.
Anne Jane Cupples and W.B.S. Kent, Alice Leighton: or, a good name is rather to be chosen than richesservice of songn.d.
Wellington Guernsey and Joseph Ascher, Alice, where art thou?song1861
All about a London daily: from the paper mill to the breakfast tablelecture1898
The all red route round the worldlecture1913
Edgar Selden and Herbert Ingraham, All that I ask of you is lovesong1910
W.A. Eaton, All the winnerspoemn.d.
Mrs Mary Sewell, Almost wreckedpoemn.d.
Hesba Stretton, T. Henry-Muxlow and Arthur Hudson, Alone in Londonservice of songn.d.
Henry Vaughan and Paul Rodney, Alone on the raftsong1885
Along the Devonshire coastlecturen.d.
Frank Freeland, The amateur barberpoemn.d.
The amateur decoratorpoemn.d.
Amateur photographypoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The amateur sweeppoemn.d.
The amateur whitewasherstoryn.d.
The American overland expedition to the Arctic regions: in search of records and relics of Sir John Franklin and his brave companions, 1879-1880lecturen.d.
The American overland expedition to the Arctic regions [and] Look at the clockcompilationn.d.
American scenery in the far west: California, Nevada, &c.lecturen.d.
American views: series 5lecturen.d.
American views: series 5alecturen.d.
American views: series 5blecturen.d.
American views: series 5clecturen.d.
W. Marsden, Among the lakes, passes, and glaciers of Switzerlandlecture1898
Victor A. Wood, Among the lowest: or, darkest New Yorklecture1896
Miss B.E. Slade and Fred W. Peace, Among the wild rosesservice of songn.d.
J.C. Burrow, Amongst the slate mines of North Waleslecture1895
Samuel Arnold and John Braham, The anchor's weigh'dsong1820
Ancient religions true and falselecturen.d.
Reverend Charles Boutflower, Ancient warfare from the Assyrian monumentslecturen.d.
Chas. K. Harris and Chas. K. Harris, And a little child shall lead themsong1900
William Cowper, Androcles and the lionpoemn.d.
Thomas Day, Androcles and the lionstoryn.d.
Androcles and the lionstoryn.d.
Mrs O.F. Walton, E.M. Garland and H.C. Garland, Angel's Christmasservice of songn.d.
George Frideric Handel, Angels ever bright and fairsongn.d.
S.J. Reilly and Benjamin Godard, Angels guard theesong1892
Fred Weatherly and Professor Joseph L. Roeckel, Angus MacDonaldsong1878
Animal sagacitylecturen.d.
Animal sagacitylecturen.d.
Animals: chapter IIIlecturen.d.
Animals at the 'Zoo'lecturen.d.
The animals at the gardens of the Zoological Society of London: 1875lecturen.d.
Animals' heads: from lifelecturen.d.
Les animauxlecturen.d.
William Douglas, Lady Alicia Scott, Lady Alicia Scott and Finlay Dun, Annie Lauriesong1840
Ants and their wayslecturen.d.
Antwerp exhibition, 1894lecture1894
Reverend R.C. Gillie, The apes, the cannibal giant, and the serpentstoryn.d.
Robert Craven, The apple thiefpoemn.d.
Arabian nights' entertainmentsstoryn.d.
An architectural tour in central Francelecturen.d.
The architecture of Scotlandlecturen.d.
The Arctic Circlelecturen.d.
The Arctic expeditionlecturen.d.
The Arctic Expedition of 1875-6lecturen.d.
The Arctic expedition of 1875-6lecturen.d.
Commander John P. Cheyne, Arctic regionslecturen.d.
Are you happy?: or, the old woman and the infidelstoryn.d.
Around and about Napleslecturen.d.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Michael Balfe, The arrow and the songsong1900
Robert Craven, The artful convictpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The artist and his modelpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The artist and monkeypoemn.d.
The artist and the musicianstoryn.d.
Robert Craven, The artists in distresspoemn.d.
An artless tailpoemn.d.
Ludwig Bechstein, Aschenbrödelstoryn.d.
Aschenbrödel [and other titles]compilationn.d.
Aschenbrödel (Aschenpuddel)storyn.d.
Aschenbrödel (Aschenpuddel)storyn.d.
Aschenbrödel (Aschenpuddel)storyn.d.
Ashantee: with the manners and customs of the peoplelecturen.d.
Arthur J. Lamb and Henry W. Petrie, Asleep in the deepsong1897
Clifton Bingham and Henry Trotère, Asthoresong1893
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, An astronomical poser: a humourous temperance recitationpoemn.d.
Athens and the Piraeuslecture1893
Robert Craven, Attention!poemn.d.
The auctionpoemn.d.
Fred Weatherly and A.H. Behrend, Auntiesong1880
Mark Twain, Aurelia's unfortunate young manstoryn.d.
Aurelia's unfortunate young man [and other titles]compilationn.d.
Rektor Fissen, Aus Richard Wagner's opernlecture1912
C. Noack, Aus Richard Wagners opernlecturen.d.
B.H.C., An Australian workman's rhyme: a true storypoemn.d.
Robert Craven, An awkward exchangepoemn.d.
Robert Craven, An awkward situationpoemn.d.
Azorl: or Much ado about nothingtitle listn.d.


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