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I have drank my last glasspoem1888
Louise S. Upham, I have drunk my last glasspoemn.d.
Harold Harford and Charles Marshall, I hear you calling mesong1908
J.J. Lane, I never thanked Him: or the dying gipsy ladpoemn.d.
Thomas P. Westendorf and Thomas P. Westendorf, I'll take you home again, Kathleensong1883
Chas. K. Harris and Chas. K. Harris, I'm trying so hard to forget yousong1904
W. Harry Rogers, Ice Peterpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, Ice Peterpoemn.d.
Ideal pictureslecturen.d.
J.J. Lane, The idol of Britainpoemn.d.
Charles Ridgwell, Will Godwin, Will Godwin and Charles Ridgwell, If those lips could only speaksong1906
If we confess our sinsstoryn.d.
Im malerischen Harzlecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The improvised cannonpoemn.d.
In and around Edinburghlecturen.d.
L. Lancaster, In darkest Londonpoemn.d.
Harry H. Williams and Egbert Van Alstyne, In dear old Georgiasong1905
Jim's Wife, In Flower Alleypoemn.d.
In his keepingstoryn.d.
Reverend Charles Sheldon and Miss Constance Savery, In his stepsservice of songn.d.
Reverend Thomas Mitchell and Reverend Charles Sheldon, In his steps: or, what would Jesus do?service of songn.d.
Clifton Bingham and Henry Trotère, In old Madridsongn.d.
Fred Weatherly and Frederic H. Cowen, In the chimney cornersong1886
Caro Roma and Ernest R. Ball, In the garden of my heartsong1908
George R. Sims, In the harbourpoemn.d.
Harry H. Williams and Egbert Van Alstyne, In the shade of the old apple treesong1905
George R. Sims, In the signal box: a station master's storypoemn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft, Miss Spicer and Joseph Newsome, In the snowdriftservice of songn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft and John S. Witty, In the time of sheaves: a sacred song service for harvest festivals etc.service of songn.d.
Andrew B. Sterling and Stanley Crawford, In the village by the seasong1903
George R. Sims, In the workhousepoemn.d.
Edward Fitzball and Michael Balfe, In this old chair my father satsong1852
Reverend S.N. Sedgwick, Inasmuch: or Ben Lagge's gueststoryn.d.
Incidents in the life of Davidstoryn.d.
H.J. Mackinder, India: eight lectures prepared for the Visual Instruction Committee of the Colonial Officecompilation1910
H.J. Mackinder, India: lecture I. Madras -- the Hindu religionlecturen.d.
H.J. Mackinder, India: lecture II. Burma -- the Buddhist religionlecturen.d.
H.J. Mackinder, India: lecture III. Bengal -- the monsoonslecturen.d.
H.J. Mackinder, India: lecture IV. The United Provinces -- the Mutinylecturen.d.
H.J. Mackinder, India: lecture V. Bombay -- the Marathaslecturen.d.
H.J. Mackinder, India: lecture VI. Rajputana -- the Feudatory Stateslecturen.d.
H.J. Mackinder, India: lecture VII. Delhi -- the Muhammadan religionlecturen.d.
H.J. Mackinder, India: lecture VIII. The Northwest Frontier -- the Sikhslecturen.d.
India in the north-westlecturen.d.
The industrious and idle apprentices: from the original engravings of Hogarthstoryn.d.
Industry and idleness: or the progress of the two apprenticesstoryn.d.
C.J.M., The influenza patientpoemn.d.
Ingleton and its waterfallslecturen.d.
The inhabitants of a drop of water under the microscope: and insect life in a pondlecturen.d.
Mark Twain, The innocents abroad: including 'The new pilgrim's progress'story1889
J. Norman, The insect worldlecturen.d.
Newman Wolsey and Newman Wolsey, Into Thy handssong1905
The inverted worldpoemn.d.
Invited to a thronesermon1907
Ireland: lecture 1 - Dublin, Wicklow, Killarney, etc.lecturen.d.
S.C. Hall, Ireland: the southlecturen.d.
Ireland and its scenerylecturen.d.
Lady Helen Dufferin and George Barker, The Irish emigrantsong1846
Fred Weatherly and Stephen Adams, The island of dreamssong1891
Isle of Manlecturen.d.
Dr Robert Croft, The Isle of Wight: and all about itlecturen.d.
Italy: its ancient, mediaeval, and modern citieslecturen.d.
Charles Dickens and Henry Russell, The ivy greensong1838
C.J.M., Izaak and the artful boypoemn.d.


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