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Book review: Magie lumineuse

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Type of text:  Review

Author:  TEBRA, Willem  (c.1927-1996)

Contained in:  The new magic lantern journal: volume 2 number 2 (January 1982), pp.12-14

Main subjects:

  Subjects:    magic lantern – history
      magic lantern – uses – lanternists
      magic lantern – uses – phantasmagoria
      other optical media – shadow theatre
      slides – moving
      slides – photographic
      slides – production of
      slides – transfer
  Hardware:     Argand lamp (oil-based illuminant)
       Camera obscura
       Electric arc light
       Paraffin illuminant (oil-based illuminant)
  People:    DESCH, E.  (fl.1850s-1910s)
      LAPIERRE, Auguste  ( ? - ? )
      LAPIERRE, Edouard  ( ? - ? )
      LIEBERKüHN, Johann Nathanael  (1711-1756)
      NOLLET, Abbé Jean-Antoine  (1700-1770)
      REMISE, Jac  (1927-2016)
      ROBERTSON, Etienne Gaspard  (1763-1837)
      VAN MUSSCHENBROEK, Pieter  (1692-1761)
      WALGENSTEN, Thomas Rasmussen  (c.1627-1681)
  Organisations:    A. Molteni

Other references:

  Hardware:     Limelight
  Slide type:    pulley slide: double pulley slide -- chromatrope
  People:    CARETTE, Georges  (1861-1954)
      DA VINCI, Leonardo  (1452-1519)
      DELLA PORTA, Giambattista  (c.1535-1615)
      DRUMMOND, Lieutenant Thomas  (1797-1840)
      HUYGENS, Christiaan  (1629-1695)
      IBN AL-HAYTHAM, Abu Ali al-Hasan ibn al-Hasan  (c.965-c.1040)
      KIRCHER, Athanasius  (1602-1680)
      LANGENHEIM, Frederick  (1809-1879)
      LANGENHEIM, William  (1807-1874)
      QUINQUET, Antoine  (1745-1803)
      REMISE, Pascale
      VAN DER WALLE, Regis
      ZAHN, Johannes  (1641-1707)
  Organisations:    Chat Noir shadow theatre
      John Millikin & Co.

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