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Baalbek and Palmyra: two famous ruined citieslecture1896
The babes in the basket: or, Daph and her chargestory1900
The babes in the woodstoryn.d.
Babes in the woodstoryn.d.
John Blackburn, Babs, the flower seller: a song service of praiseservice of songn.d.
Robert Craven, The baby elephant and the monkey thievespoemn.d.
H.L., The baby's sugar bagpoemn.d.
The baby, the wasp, and the puppiespoemn.d.
Fred Weatherly and Stephen Adams, Babylonsongn.d.
Arthur J. Doherty, Bacterialecturen.d.
Arthur J. Doherty, Bacteria [and] An hour with the microscopecompilationn.d.
A bag with holeslecturen.d.
Bagdad, the Persian Gulf and Bokharalecturen.d.
The bailiff's daughter of Islington: old English songsongn.d.
The baker and the tarred fencestoryn.d.
Frederick J. Brooke, A ballad of the seapoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The ballad singerpoemn.d.
Alfred J. Glasspool, Band of Hope address on alcohollecturen.d.
M.G. ('Monk') Lewis and Lady Caroline Stewart, The banks of Allan Watersong1813
Reverend J.A. Houlder, Baptist progress since the passing of the Toleration Actlecture1904
Owen T. Bulkeley, Barbados, Trinidad and others of the Islands of the Lesser Antilleslecture1890
Robert Craven, Baron Bragpoemn.d.
The barred windowtitle listn.d.
Miss M.A. Paull, Bart's joyservice of songn.d.
Henry Mackenzie, The bashful manstoryn.d.
Battle pictures of the South African warlecturen.d.
Battle scenes and incidents of the war between France and Prussialecturen.d.
Andrew Cherry and John Davy, The Bay of Biscaysong1805
The Bay of Napleslecturen.d.
Be strong!lecturen.d.
Beauties of the Scotch coastlecturen.d.
Beautiful birds from far-off landslecturen.d.
Stanhope Gray and Lindsay Lennox, The beautiful prayersong1898
Beautiful snow: an American poempoemn.d.
Beauty and the beaststoryn.d.
Beauty and the beaststoryn.d.
Beauty and the beast, Mother Goose, Jack the giant killer, and Tom Thumbstoryn.d.
Alfred Watkins, Bees and bee-keepinglecture1894
Belle Belton and her bicycle adventurestoryn.d.
J.H. McNaughton and J.H. McNaughton, Belle Mahonesong1867
Fannie Eden and John Burnham, Bells across the snowservice of songn.d.
Fannie Eden, Bells across the snowstory1885
C. King Proctor, The bells of Christmas Evepoemn.d.
Father Prout, The bells of Shandonpoemn.d.
Thomas Dunn English and Nelson Kneass, Ben Bolt: or, don't you remember sweet Alicesong1848
General Lew Wallace, Ben Hur: a tale of the Christstoryn.d.
Ben Nevis and its observatorylecturen.d.
Berlin [and] Mr and Mrs Brown's adventure with a mousecompilationn.d.
Berlin und die Mark Brandenburglecturen.d.
Beschreibung für die Märcherbildercompilationn.d.
The best use of a pennypoemn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Bethlehem: or the early life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christservice of songn.d.
Reverend Charles Courtenay, Betsy Trollope's jugstoryn.d.
Mrs Felicia Hemans and Frederic H. Cowen, The better landsong1882
Robert Craven, Betty and the bearpoemn.d.
Beware of the dogsermonn.d.
Charles Wakely, Beware of the trappoemn.d.
Beware!: or, the effects of gamblingstory1867
Fred Weatherly and Wilfrid Sanderson, Beyond the dawnsong1911
Les bébésstoryn.d.
Les bébés [and other titles]compilationn.d.
Die Bibel in bildern: Altes Testament [part 1]title listn.d.
Bible animalslecturen.d.
Bible animalslecturen.d.
Bicycle experiences of Tony Tompkinsstoryn.d.
Frank Freeland, The bicycle made for sixpoemn.d.
James Tipton, Biddy: a service of sacred songservice of songn.d.
Jim's Wife, The big arm chairpoemn.d.
Bill Adams ordered southstory1900
George R. Sims, Billy's rosepoemn.d.
Caroline Norton, Bingen on the Rhinepoemn.d.
Birds: chapter Ilecturen.d.
Birds: chapter IIlecturen.d.
Birds: chapter IIIlecturen.d.
Birds and their nestslecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The biter bitpoemn.d.
C. King Proctor, The biter bitpoemn.d.
Peter Parley, Black Jackpoemn.d.
C. King Proctor, The blind collier's childpoemn.d.
Charles Dickens, The Bloomsbury christeningstoryn.d.
Claribel and Stephen Adams, The blue Alsatian mountainssong1875
Blue Beardstoryn.d.
The blue lakes of Italylecture1896
Mrs M.S. Haycraft, James Broadbent and Arthur Jamouneau, Bluebell Dingleservice of songn.d.
Reverend Mark Guy Pearse, Bobstoryn.d.
Bob et Nedstoryn.d.
Charles Dickens, Bob Sawyer's partystoryn.d.
Bob the fireman: or, life in the red brigadestoryn.d.
Mrs J.S. Dammast, Bob, the shoeblack: or, honesty the best policystory1872
C.J.M., Bobby's flirtationpoemn.d.
Bobs of Oxford: or, stick to your Sunday-schoolstoryn.d.
Boer War of 1900: chapter I – the Boer invasionlecture1900
Boer War of 1900: chapter II – the siege of Ladysmithlecture1900
Boer War of 1900: chapter III – the relief of Kimberleylecture1900
Boer War of 1900: chapter IV – Cronje and Bloemfonteinlecture1900
Boer War of 1900: chapter V – Mafeking and Pretorialecture1900
J. Gray, Bogglesstoryn.d.
The bonnie banks o' Loch Lomondsongn.d.
Bonnie Scotlandlecturen.d.
The book of Martyrs: by John Foxelecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The bookworm and the geesepoemn.d.
Mrs S.C. Hall, Boons and blessingslecturen.d.
Boons and blessings [and] The dream of the revellercompilationn.d.
Boot manufacturelecturen.d.
Charles Dickens, Boots at the Holly-tree Innstoryn.d.
Edward W.S. Royds, The bothering errandpoemn.d.
J.W. McCall, The bottlestoryn.d.
The bottle [and other titles]compilationn.d.
The bottle and The drunkard's childrenstoryn.d.
Julia M. Thayer, The bottle impstoryn.d.
Boum et Pifstoryn.d.
The boy highwaymantitle listn.d.
James Tipton, The boy martyr: or, faithful unto deathservice of songn.d.
The Boy Scouts: chapter I – in camp with Baden-Powelllecture1909
The Boy Scouts: chapter II – campaigninglecture1909
The Boy Scouts: chapter III – Scout law and chivalrylecture1909
K.T., A boy wantedstoryn.d.
Robert Craven, The boys and the bobbypoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The boys and the flagpolepoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The boys and the periwigspoemn.d.
Brave deedslecturen.d.
Henry Chorley and Edward Loder, The brave old oaksong1837
Reverend Thomas Moran, Bravo, Sergeant Campbell!service of songn.d.
Chas. K. Harris, Jos. Clauder and Chas. K. Harris, Break the news to Mothersongn.d.
Thomas Hood, The bridge of sighspoem1844
Thomas A'Becket, E.L. Davenport and Thomas Williams, Britannia the pride of the oceansong1852
The British Army: chapter I – the Army at homelecture1901
The British Army: chapter II – on active servicelecture1901
The British Army: the Army at homelecturen.d.
British battleships: chapter I – the Dreadnoughtslecture1909
British battleships: chapter II – cruisers – life aboardlecture1909
British battleships: chapter III – destroyers and submarineslecture1909
William R. May, British bravery in Matabeleland: and the last stand of Major Wilsonlecture1894
The British Empire: the empire on which the sun never setslecture1893
The British Empire in the twentieth centurylecture1902
British express trainslecture1911
Reverend J.P. Taylor, British Guiana: its missions, industries and resourceslecture1896
The British Museumlecturen.d.
The British Navy: chapter I – ships and gunslecture1901
The British Navy: chapter II – the handy manlecture1901
The British Navy: ships and gunslecturen.d.
W. Marsden, Brittany and Brittany folklecture1893
Nemo, Henry Pontet and Alfred Caldicott, The broken pitchersong1890
Wilfred E. Garment, The broken vasestory1924
Wilfred E. Garment, The broken vasestory1924
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, The bronze statue: a ghost storypoemn.d.
Brother and sister and the fairy gazellestoryn.d.
R.D.S., Brown and the bearpoemn.d.
Harriet A. Beavan, Brownie of Battery 6poemn.d.
Brussels and Waterloolecturen.d.
Bugaboo Bill, the giantpoemn.d.
Fred Weatherly and Ciro Pinsuti, The buglersong1879
Robert Craven, The bull and the bicyclepoemn.d.
George R. Sims, A bunch of primrosespoemn.d.
C. King Proctor, A bunch of snowdropspoemn.d.
Bunyan's Pilgrim's progressstoryn.d.
Burdock's goatstoryn.d.
The burglars and the lanternstoryn.d.
Lieut-Colonel W.W. Hooper, Burmah expeditionary force: and manners and customs of the Burmeselecture1887
The burning of the 'Birkenhead'lecturen.d.
James Broadbent, Buttercups and daisiesservice of song1890
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherriesservice of songn.d.
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherriesstoryn.d.
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherriesstoryn.d.
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherriesstoryn.d.
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherriesstory1931
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherries: founded on factstoryn.d.
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherries [and How Rachel Hunter bought her own cherries]compilationn.d.
Buy your own cherries [and] How Sam Adams's pipe became a pigcompilationn.d.
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherries!storyn.d.
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton and W. Harding Bonner, Buy your own cherries!: arranged as a temperance story with songservice of songn.d.
Reverend Dr J.W. Kirton, Buy your own goosestoryn.d.
Fred Weatherly and Stephen Adams, By the fountainsong1889


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