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Robert Overton, Caged!: a gaol-bird's storystoryn.d.
The calculating cobblerstoryn.d.
The calculating cobblerstoryn.d.
Ellen Moorhouse, The calculating cobblerstoryn.d.
J.L.L., Calcuttalecturen.d.
Calcutta [and other titles]compilationn.d.
Calcutta and Bombaylecture1891
Le calife cigogne [The caliph stork]storyn.d.
The caliph storkstoryn.d.
The call of Christ, or victory and after: the call of the worldsermonn.d.
The call of Christ, or victory and after: some lessons of the trenchessermonn.d.
The call of Christ, or victory and after: the inspiration of the Crosssermonn.d.
The call of Christ, or victory and after: the necessity of faithsermonn.d.
The call of Christ, or victory and after: Christ and the citizensermonn.d.
Reverend A.C. Bouquet, The call of Christ, or victory and after: the hope of the worldsermonn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Calvarysermonn.d.
Henry Vaughan and Paul Rodney, Calvarysong1885
Cambridge and its collegeslecturen.d.
Canadian life: past and presentlecturen.d.
Canadian scenery and industries: set 1lecture1901
Canary Islands and Madeiralecture1893
Robert Craven, The canine criticpoemn.d.
The cannibal islands: or, rovings among the coral reefs and palmslecture1892
Canterbury and its Cathedrallecturen.d.
J.G. Whittier, The captain's wellpoemn.d.
Careless Maggiepoemn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft, The carol singers: a sacred song service for Christmasservice of songn.d.
Cash Threestoryn.d.
Antony Templemore and Lincoln G. Hall, The castle builderssong1904
Cat and mousepoemn.d.
Cathedrals: no. 1lecturen.d.
Cathedrals: no. 2lecturen.d.
Catholic foreign missionslecture1897
Catholic lantern slides: series no. IIcompilation1902
The catholicity of the prayer book: parts I to IIIlecturen.d.
The catholicity of the prayer book [and] Schismcompilation1902
Caudle's curtain lecturesstoryn.d.
Caudle's curtain lecturesstoryn.d.
Stefan C. Ioan, O câlâtorie la Spitzberg [A journey to Spitzbergen]lecture1916
Celebrated castles, palaces, etc.lecturen.d.
Celebrated castles, palaces, etc.: series no. 2lecturen.d.
Celebrated castles, palaces, etc.: series no. 3lecturen.d.
Celebrated places of the worldlecturen.d.
Reverend James Comper Gray, Central Africalecture1876
Robert Craven, The centre of gravitypoemn.d.
J.M.S., Ceylonlecture1893
Chalk your own doorstoryn.d.
James Merrick, The chameleonpoemn.d.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, The charge of the Light Brigadepoem1854
The charge of the Light Brigade, and life with the colourslecturen.d.
Charley and the giantstoryn.d.
Dr M.L. Rossvally, Charlie Coulson: the drummer boystoryn.d.
Dr M.L. Rossvally and John Burnham, Charlie Coulson: the drummer boyservice of song1893
Chicago citylecture1893
The chief events mentioned in the Old Testamentstoryn.d.
Le chien de Mme Dupiloystoryn.d.
Les chiens du Mont Saint-Bernardstoryn.d.
The child martyrstoryn.d.
A child of Jesusservice of songn.d.
Child of the toystall: or, Tom Fowler's little friendpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The children and the waggonerpoemn.d.
The children in the (St John's) woodpoemn.d.
The children in the woodstoryn.d.
The children in the woodstoryn.d.
The children in the woodstoryn.d.
Fred Weatherly and Frederic H. Cowen, The children's homesong1881
Children's life of Christ: chapter Ilecturen.d.
Children's life of Christ: chapter IIlecturen.d.
Children's life of Christ: chapter IIIlecturen.d.
Miss Annette Hayward and C. Flavell Hayward, The children's shepherdsong1885
China and the Chineselecturen.d.
China and the Chineselecturen.d.
China and the Chineselecturen.d.
M.E. Lynn, Choosing the Christmas turkeystoryn.d.
Reverend William A. Blake, Christ on Calvaryservice of songn.d.
Christian martyrslecturen.d.
Christiana's journeystoryn.d.
Mrs O.F. Walton, William E. Abel and Talbot Erle, Christie's old organ: compiled and adapted as a musically illustrated serviceservice of song1879
Mrs O.F. Walton, Christie's old organ: home, sweet homestoryn.d.
Mrs O.F. Walton and Reverend L. Meadows White, Christie, the king's servant: a service of songservice of song1899
Charles Dickens, A Christmas carolstoryn.d.
Charles Dickens, Christmas carolstoryn.d.
Charles Dickens and Sydney Watson, A Christmas carol: arranged as a service of songservice of songn.d.
Mrs Clement Nugent Jackson, Christmas Eve: love never failethpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The Christmas goosepoemn.d.
John Colwell, Christmas in Paradisestoryn.d.
Christmas past and presentsermonn.d.
Elizabeth Wetherell, The Christmas stockingstory1855
George R. Sims, A Christmas storypoemn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft, Gertrude Harptree and Fred W. Peace, A Christmas welcomeservice of songn.d.
Cinderella: or, the glass slipperstoryn.d.
Cinderella: or, the glass slipperstoryn.d.
Cinderella and the glass slipperstoryn.d.
Professor E.H.L. Schwartz, The circle in South African mythlecture1908
George E. Thompson, Cities and canals of Hollandlecturen.d.
Cities and places of interest in the Mediterraneanlecturen.d.
The cities and towns of south-eastern Europelecturen.d.
The cities of north-eastern Europelecturen.d.
The cities of northern Italylecture1893
George E. Thompson, Cities of sunny Italylecturen.d.
The city and cathedral of Winchesterlecturen.d.
The city of Florencelecturen.d.
The city of Gloucester and its Cathedrallecturen.d.
City of Londonlecturen.d.
The city of Melbourne: a marvel of the worldlecture1891
The city of Rochester: and its associations with the life of Charles Dickenslecturen.d.
The city of Salisbury: its Cathedral and Stonehengelecturen.d.
The city of Worcester and its Cathedrallecturen.d.
E. Fordham, City sparrows: a service of sacred songservice of song1884
James Scott and Professor Robert Scott, The Civil War of the Commonwealthlecturen.d.
The Clarendon lantern readings: series 2compilation1891
F. Grove Palmer, A clergyman's adventures: a true storypoemn.d.
H. Lloyd, The clever nephewpoemn.d.
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, A clever trick: a temperance story in versepoemn.d.
Mabel King, Clifford Gawton's resolvestoryn.d.
Clocks: their origin and developmentlecturen.d.
The clown cricketerspoemn.d.
Co-operative lantern lecturescompilation1895
Frederick Rockell, The Co-operative Wholesale Societylecturen.d.
Miss F. Hayes, Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited: Crumpsall Workslecturen.d.
Herbert W. Hughes, Coal-mining: or, underground lifelecture1894
The coastguardsman: or, the dreadful effects of drinkstoryn.d.
Robert Craven, The cobbler and corpsepoemn.d.
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, The cobbler's order book: a temperance story in versepoemn.d.
Frank Freeland, Cock Robin: new versionpoemn.d.
Wallace Rothsay, A collier's storypoemn.d.
Ellis Reynolds, Cologne to Constance: views illustrating the Rhinelecturen.d.
John S. Bond, Colonial tour of the Duke and Duchess of Yorklecture1902
The colony of New Zealand: part I -- the North Islandlecturen.d.
The colony of New Zealand: part II - the South Islandlecturen.d.
Stanley Sowton, Come along - let's join handslecturen.d.
C. Flavell Hayward and C. Flavell Hayward, Come back to mesong1900
Henry Clay Work and Henry Clay Work, Come home, father: little Mary's songsong1864
Miss Nelsie Brook, Come home, mother!story1865
Reverend Horatius Bonar and Willem Coenen, Come unto Me: sacred songsong1898
Comicother type of textn.d.
Comic charactersstoryn.d.
Comic Röntgen rayspoemn.d.
Comic verses in Germanpoemn.d.
The comical athlete: or misadventures at football and cricketpoemn.d.
Comical cats and dogslecturen.d.
Comical cats and dogsstoryn.d.
Frank Freeland, The comical coopers of Baghdadpoemn.d.
Robert Burns, Comin' thro' the ryesongn.d.
Alfred Berlyn, Coming homepoemn.d.
C. King Proctor, The coming of the kingpoemn.d.
A compendium of astronomy: being a concise description of the most interesting phenomena of the heavenslecture1830
A compendium of botany: being a concise description of the structure of plantslecture1838
The conceited pig: an original lantern readingpoemn.d.
F. Grove Palmer, Concerning coallecturen.d.
Berita Barnett, A concise description of the western Riviera: Nice to Genoalecturen.d.
A concise description of the western Riviera [and] The western Tyrolcompilationn.d.
Ruth Elliott, Condemned to be shotstoryn.d.
Conjuring tricks for the magic lanternlecturen.d.
The conquest of the air: chapter I – balloonslecture1910
The conquest of the air: chapter II – dirigibleslecture1910
The conquest of the air: chapter III – aeroplaneslecture1910
W.A. Eaton, The conquest of the Soudan: Gordon avengedlecturen.d.
Miss Frances Ridley Havergal and W.H. Jude, Consecrationhymn1905
Miss Eliza Davis and Miss Eliza Davis, Consider the liliessong1866
Consider the lilysermon1912
W.T. Stead, Contemporary history: No. 1 - The world dramalecture1891
Continental viewslecturen.d.
Continental viewslecturen.d.
Contrasts, for juvenilespoemn.d.
Conundrums for the magic lanterntitle listn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft, Fred W. Peace, Joseph Elliott and L. Sylvester, The cornfields' message: a sacred song service for harvest festivals, etc.service of songn.d.
Cornish granite and granite quarrieslecturen.d.
Reverend Thomas Moran, Corporal Stanley and his comrades: a Curragh Camp storyservice of song1898
Robert Burns, The cotter's Saturday nightpoemn.d.
Cotton manufacturelecturen.d.
George E. Thompson, The counties of England: no. 1 -- Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Warwickshirelecture1897
A country courtshippoemn.d.
The country of Wordsworth and Southeylecturen.d.
The county of Kentlecture1895
The county of Sussexlecture1905
The Coup d'État: a short sketch of the exciting events enacted in Paris during the Revolution of 1851lecturen.d.
Robert Craven, Crabbed age and youthpoemn.d.
The Crescent against the Cross: Mahomet against Christlecture1896
Charles Dickens and F.H. Truslove, The cricket on the hearthservice of songn.d.
Mrs Ruth B. Yates and Thomas E. Hallsworth, Cripple Robbie: a service of sacred songservice of songn.d.
Mrs Walter Searle, Cripple Tom: or, knowing is loving, and loving is doingstoryn.d.
J.A. Exelby and John Broadbent, Crippled Jimservice of songn.d.
Vittorio Brunoni, Cristoforo Colombo [Christopher Columbus]lecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The critic and the ottomanpoemn.d.
The criticstitle listn.d.
The crocodile, the elephant, and the monkeysstoryn.d.
The Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ: a musical servicesermonn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft, Fred W. Peace, Arthur E. Shenton and Mrs Sylvester, The crown of the year: a sacred song service specially for harvestservice of songn.d.
Reverend Charles Sheldon, The crucifixion of Philip Strongservice of songn.d.
J. Forsyth Ingram, A cruise on the east coast of Africalecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The crushed hatpoemn.d.
Crystal Palacelecturen.d.
The Crystal Palacelecturen.d.
Cuba and the Cubanslecturen.d.
Cuba and the Cubanslecture1898
Cuba and the Cubans [and] The Spanish-American Warcompilationn.d.
Cuba and the Cubans [and] The Spanish-American Warcompilation1898
The Cuban War and fight for freedomlecture1898
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, A cure for weak eyes: a temperance story in versepoemn.d.
Mrs Rose Hartwick Thorpe, Curfew must not ring tonightpoemn.d.
Curfew must not ring tonight [and other titles]compilation1893
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, Curing a drunkardpoemn.d.
Curious nesting placeslecturen.d.
Robert Lee, The curse of drinkpoemn.d.
The curtainpoemn.d.
Cutlery manufacturelecturen.d.


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