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Mary Mark Lemon and A.H. Behrend, Daddysong1883
Miss Grace Pettman and Miss Edith M. Burnham, Daddyservice of song1895
Lindon Meadows, Dame Perkins and her grey marepoem1866
Reverend Frederick Langbridge, Dan Dabberton's dreamstoryn.d.
Reverend Frederick Langbridge, Dan Dabberton's dream: or the call of the bellsstoryn.d.
Miss Edith M. Burnham, Dan Dawson's harvestservice of songn.d.
Dandy's bit of bluestoryn.d.
L.U.X., A dangerous errand: an appeal to mothersstoryn.d.
Miss L. Slade and John S. Witty, Daniel's enemy: a sacred musical serviceservice of songn.d.
Fred Weatherly and James L. Molloy, Darby and Joansong1878
Robert Craven, Dat ole Crisermas goosepoemn.d.
David, the sweet psalmiststoryn.d.
Miss C.E. Doe, John Burnham and John Burnham, Davy's sacrifice: or, the children's Christmasservice of songn.d.
A day at Chatsworth and Haddon Halllecture1889
Miss Amy Croft, A day in London: first editionlecturen.d.
Miss Amy Croft, A day in London: third editionlecturen.d.
A day in Oxfordlecturen.d.
Jim's Wife, A day too latepoemn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft and John Burnham, Deacon Todd's lesson: or, charity never failethservice of songn.d.
The deaf serpentsermonn.d.
Clifton Bingham and Walter Slaughter, The dear home landsong1892
William Jackson, William Jackson and Andrew Cherry, The dear little shamrock (Irish ballad)song1870
The death and burial of Cock Robinpoemn.d.
The death of Cock Robinpoemn.d.
Samuel Arnold and John Braham, The death of Nelsonsong1811
Charles Dickens, The death of Paul Dombeystoryn.d.
Death of the bluebottletitle listn.d.
F. Grove Palmer, The demon and the blacksmith: a Christmas pantomime scenepoemn.d.
C.W. Cole and William Ralston, The demon catstoryn.d.
The demon cat [and] Tippoocompilationn.d.
H.L.T., Depends on where you put itstoryn.d.
Derbyshire and the Peaklecturen.d.
Reverend C. Arthur Lane, Descriptive lantern lectures on English Church historycompilation1889
Descriptive readings for lantern slides: vol. Icompilationn.d.
Rektor Fissen, Deutsche volkstrachten: Ilecturen.d.
Rektor Fissen, Deutsche volkstrachten: II. Aus dem Schwarzwaldelecturen.d.
Rektor Fissen, Deutsche volkstrachten: III. Aus Thüringen und der Schwalmlecturen.d.
Rektor Fissen, Deutsche volkstrachten: IV. Aus Bückeburg und Hessenlecturen.d.
Mrs C.E. Bowen, Dick and his donkey: or, how to pay the rentstory1863
Mrs M.S. Haycraft and Arthur Linwood, Dick Martyn: or, the sparrow's messageservice of songn.d.
Dick Whittingtonstoryn.d.
Dick Whittingtonstoryn.d.
Dick Whittingtonstoryn.d.
Dick Whittingtonstoryn.d.
Dick Whittington and his catstoryn.d.
Dick Whittington and his catstoryn.d.
Dick Wilson's home, and what changed itstoryn.d.
Reverend Silas K. Hocking and I.A. Edgar, Dick's fairyservice of songn.d.
Kate Mawer and Arthur Jamouneau, Dick's treasureservice of song1902
Dickens' Christmas carolstoryn.d.
Mark Twain, The difficulty about that dogstoryn.d.
Henry Mills, Dimes and dollarspoemn.d.
Robert Craven, Diogenes and his tubpoemn.d.
Diogenes and the naughty boys of Corinthpoemn.d.
Dip your roll in your own pot at homepoemn.d.
Discovery of America by Columbuslecturen.d.
Robert Craven, Distraction v. extractionpoemn.d.
William Cowper, The diverting history of John Gilpinpoemn.d.
Reverend Neil L. Pritchard, The Divine challenge: incidents in the life of Our Lordstory1953
Charles Dickens, Do-the-boys Hallstoryn.d.
The doctor's boy and the whitewashersstoryn.d.
Jim's Wife, The doctor's feepoemn.d.
The doctor's revengestory1900
Robert Craven, The dog and the dress improverpoemn.d.
The dog of Saint Bernard'spoemn.d.
The dogs and monks of St Bernardlecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The dogs and the butcher's boypoemn.d.
Frederick C. Smale and G.H. Stone, A dolly and a coachsong1898
Don Quichottestoryn.d.
Don Quixotestoryn.d.
Don Quixote de La Manchastoryn.d.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Dorapoemn.d.
The Doré Bible: chapter I – Bible heroeslecture1909
The Doré Bible: chapter II – the life of Jesuslecture1909
The Doré Bible: chapter III – Christ the teacherlecture1909
Dornröschen [and other titles]compilationn.d.
Dornröschen [Sleeping Beauty]storyn.d.
Frank Freeland, Dot at the toy bazaarpoemn.d.
Dr Spiritus and the moontitle listn.d.
Dr Spiritus and the moonpoemn.d.
Miss Alice Janvrin and G.J. Chapple, Dragged downservice of songn.d.
Thomas Hood, The dream of Eugene Arampoem1831
Charles Mackay, The dream of the reveller: or, the whiskey demonpoemn.d.
Clifton Bingham and Edith Cooke, The dreamerssong1897
Frederick Norris, Dreamland: a temperance recitationpoemn.d.
Reverend Thomas Greenbury, Dreams at seapoemn.d.
Dresden und die Sächsische Schweizlecturen.d.
George R. Sims, A dress suitstoryn.d.
W. Carleton, Drinkpoemn.d.
Drink: a picture-talk on temperancelecture1911
Robert Craven, The drink fiend: a temperance story in versepoemn.d.
Drunk as a brute: a fairy tale of 20 years agostoryn.d.
J.W. McCall, The drunkard's childrenstoryn.d.
Charles Dickens, The drunkard's deathstoryn.d.
The drunkard's progresslecturen.d.
Mrs Mary Sewell, The drunkard's wifepoemn.d.
Mrs W. Vause and Joseph W. Garland, A drunkard, yet a man: temperance song or recitationsong1890
Mrs Mary Sewell, The drunkardspoemn.d.
The ducks and frogunknownn.d.
The ducks and the frogpoemn.d.
The Dunmow flitchpoemn.d.
Durch Südtirol nach Oberitalien: II. Teil. Vom Gardasee bis Venediglecturen.d.
Durham Cathedrallecturen.d.
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, The dustman's darling: a temperance recitationpoemn.d.
The dwarf Long Nosestoryn.d.


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