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La Fontaine's fablesstoryn.d.
John Graham and John Graham, Laddieservice of song1889
H.L. D'Arcy Jaxone and Ciro Pinsuti, Laddiesong1894
Harry Dacre and Harry Dacre, The lads in navy bluesong1899
Robert Craven, The lady cyclistpoemn.d.
Lady Jane Grey: or, the ten days' reign of an uncrowned queenlecturen.d.
Robert Craven, A lady's adventure in a new dresspoemn.d.
The lakes of Killarneylecture1898
Reverend R.C. Gillie, The lamp and the ringstoryn.d.
Land animals: series no. 1lecturen.d.
George R. Sims, The land of goldpoemn.d.
The land of the pigtaillecturen.d.
The land of the rose, shamrock, and thistlelecturen.d.
The land of William the Conquerorlecture1893
H. Eltester, Land und leute von Tirol nach Defregger-bildernlecture1908
Landscape scenery of 'The lady of the lake' and 'The Lord of the Isles'lecturen.d.
Landschappen [Landscapes]lecturen.d.
Lantern addresses for childrencompilationn.d.
Lantern lecture on North Waleslecturen.d.
Lantern lecture on North Wales [and] Animal sagacitycompilationn.d.
Lantern lecture on the League of Nationslecture1924
Lantern lecture readings: series I – animalslecturen.d.
Lantern lecture readings: series II – butterflies and fisheslecturen.d.
Lantern lecture readings: series IVcompilationn.d.
Lantern lecture readings: series Vcompilationn.d.
Lantern lecture readings: series VIcompilationn.d.
Lantern lecture readings: series VIIcompilationn.d.
Lantern lecture readings: series VIII – a tour round the worldlecturen.d.
Lantern lecture readings: series IX – balloons, airships and aeroplaneslecturen.d.
Lantern readingscompilationn.d.
Lantern readings for fairy tales etc.: series Acompilation1890
Lantern readings for the young: no. 1compilationn.d.
Lantern readings for the youngcompilationn.d.
Lantern readings in prose and versecompilationn.d.
The last journey of Dr Livingstonelecturen.d.
H.L. D'Arcy Jaxone and Henry Pontet, The last milestonesong1884
Juba Kennerley and Henry Pontet, The last mustersong1884
Thomas Moore and Sir John Stevenson, The last rose of summersong1823
W.A. Eaton, The last shillingpoemn.d.
The last test matchstoryn.d.
The last test matchstory1908
The last test matchstory1908
The lazy travellertitle listn.d.
Das Leben Jesulecturen.d.
Das Leben Jesulecture1907
W. Yorke, Lecture on Indialecturen.d.
Walter B. Woodbury, Lecture on Javalecturen.d.
Fannie Eden, Left alone: or, the orphans of Pinewood Cottagestory1893
F. Grove Palmer, The legend of a crinolinepoemn.d.
The legend of a crinoline [and other titles]compilationn.d.
George Davidson, The legend of Saint Swithin: a rhyme for rainy weatherpoem1860
Washington Irving, The legend of Sleepy Hollowstoryn.d.
C. King Proctor, The legend of the robinpoemn.d.
The legend of the wandering Jewstoryn.d.
Miss C. Webb, Leicester Co-operative Hosiery Society Limitedlecturen.d.
Lily Watson, Let me take his placestoryn.d.
George R. Sims, The level crossingpoemn.d.
Leven in Afrika [Life in Africa]lecturen.d.
La légende des quatre fils Aymonstory1903
Lichfield Cathedrallecturen.d.
Life among the darkies [and] Tea growing in Assamcompilation1900
The life and times of the Rev. John Wesley: the father of Methodismlecturen.d.
The life and travels of St Paulstoryn.d.
Life and travels of St Paullecturen.d.
The life and travels of St Paullecture1895
The life and work of David Livingstone: missionary and explorerlecture1919
William Wileman, The life and work of Lutherlecture1883
Life and work of Pastor C.H. Spurgeonlecture1892
Life in Africalecturen.d.
Life in many landslecture1899
Life in the Soudanlecturen.d.
The life of a froglecturen.d.
Life of a gnatlecturen.d.
Life of a missionarylecturen.d.
W.M. Watts, The life of a plantlecturen.d.
Reverend Dr Lamar, The life of Bunyanlecture1895
The life of Christ: first seriesstoryn.d.
The life of Christ: second seriesstoryn.d.
Life of Christstoryn.d.
The life of Christ: with readings from the gospelslecturen.d.
Life of Davidstoryn.d.
The life of Davidlecture1895
The life of Jesus of Nazareth: part I - growthlecture1959
The life of Jesus of Nazareth: part II - labourlecture1959
The life of Jesus of Nazareth: part III - victorylecture1959
The life of Josephstoryn.d.
The life of Josephstoryn.d.
Life of King Edward VII: chapter II – a popular princelecture1910
Life of King Edward VII: chapter III – a popular princelecture1910
Life of King Edward VII: chapter IV – 'the King is dead, long live the King!'lecture1910
F. Henderson, The life of King Edward VIIlecture1910
The life of Lutherlecturen.d.
The life of Martin Lutherlecturen.d.
The life of Martin Lutherlecture1897
The life of Moseslecturen.d.
The life of Our Saviourstoryn.d.
The life of Queen Victoria: chapter II – wedded and public lifelecture1901
The life of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII: series 1lecture1901
The life of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII: series 2lecture1901
The life of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII: series 3lecture1901
Life of St. Paulstory1957
The life of the Saviourlecturen.d.
Life on board an ocean palacelecturen.d.
James Robb, A life storypoemn.d.
The life story of Davidstoryn.d.
Life's questsermon1907
The life, work and promotion of the Founder: glimpses of the life-work and passing hence of General and Mrs William Booth [part 1]lecturen.d.
The life, work and promotion of the Founder: glimpses of the life-work and passing hence of General and Mrs William Booth [part 2]lecturen.d.
George R. Sims, The lifeboatpoemn.d.
The lifeboatlecturen.d.
Reverend F. Given-Wilson, The light of the world: or scenes from the life of Christlecturen.d.
Ruth Elliott, The lighthouse keeperstoryn.d.
Lincoln Cathedrallecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The lion and the acrobatspoemn.d.
C.J.M., The lion and the monkeystoryn.d.
Robert Craven, The lion couchant and the lion rampantpoemn.d.
Guy Hayler, The liquor question in the United Stateslecture1905
C.E.P., Little Bessie's bunpoemn.d.
Alfred H. Miles, A little bit of bluepoemn.d.
Thurland Chattaway and Thurland Chattaway, Little black mesong1899
Little black monkeypoemn.d.
Lynde Palmer, The little captainstoryn.d.
A little drop of waterstoryn.d.
Charles Dickens, Little Em'lystoryn.d.
Mrs O.F. Walton, Little Faithstoryn.d.
Little Faith: a story of the Victorian agestory1954
Mrs Isabel Reaney and E. Fordham, Little Glory's missionservice of song1894
Robert Craven, The little heropoemn.d.
Arthur Matthison and Stephen Adams, The little herosong1881
Lynde Palmer and Thomas E. Hallsworth, Little Jamie: a service of sacred songservice of songn.d.
Edward Farmer, Little Jimpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The little match girlpoemn.d.
Beatrice Mackow and Robert Witty, Little Metford: a harvest service of songservice of song1915
B.A. Kilburn and John Rinder, Little Minnie: or, the sunshine of a sister's loveservice of songn.d.
W.A. Eaton, A little mistakepoemn.d.
Little Red Capstoryn.d.
Little Red Riding Hoodstoryn.d.
Little Red Riding Hoodstoryn.d.
Little Red Riding Hoodstoryn.d.
Frank Freeland, Little Red Riding Hoodpoemn.d.
Mrs Mary Sewell, The little shoespoemn.d.
Mrs Mary Sewell, The little shoes: and other balladscompilationn.d.
Little Snow-whitestoryn.d.
Reverend David Macrae and Reverend Hugh A. Lawson, Little Tizservice of song1880
Little Tom Thumbstoryn.d.
The little town of Weinsburghpoemn.d.
A lively snowballstoryn.d.
Liverpool to Chicago: by the Pennsylvania Railroadlecture1893
Living statuary: children from lifelecturen.d.
Lodgings to letpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The loitering schoolboy and the little piggiespoemn.d.
London: no. 2lecturen.d.
London: the metropolis of the worldlecturen.d.
George Haw, London County Council electionlecture1907
London to Mont Blanclecture1887
London to Naples and Pompeii: by way of the Rivieralecture1901
Stephen Thompson, London to Romelecturen.d.
London views: 1st serieslecturen.d.
London viewslecturen.d.
London viewslecturen.d.
Thomas Ingoldsby, Look at the clock!poemn.d.
W.A. Eaton, The loss of H.M.S. 'Victoria'poem1893
Jim's Wife, Lostpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The lost cartridgepoemn.d.
Mrs Mary Sewell, The lost childpoemn.d.
Miss Adelaide Procter and Sir Arthur Sullivan, The lost chordsong1877
Hesba Stretton and J.H. Martin, Lost Gip: a service of sacred songservice of songn.d.
Caroline Rigg, Lost in the snow: or the Kentish fishermanstoryn.d.
Lost in the snow [and other titles]compilationn.d.
James Broadbent and James Broadbent, Lost in the wild woods: a service of songservice of song1894
Josh Hainsworth and Josh Hainsworth, The lost purse: or honesty rewardedservice of songn.d.
Lourdes and its grottolecturen.d.
Fred Weatherly and Stephen Adams, Love eternal: sacred songsong1910
Love lightens labourpoemn.d.
Beatrice Mackow and Robert Witty, Love's harvest-tide: a service of songservice of song1915
Clifton Bingham and James L. Molloy, Love's old sweet songsong1884
Loved unto death: first seriesstoryn.d.
Loved unto death: second seriesstoryn.d.
John Burnham and Fannie Eden, Loved unto death: a story of gipsy lifeservice of song1888
Helen Colvin, A lovely piece of brown paper: a story for mothersstoryn.d.
F. Grove Palmer, The lovers' strategypoemn.d.
Lovers' strategy [and other titles]compilation1894
William Makepeace Thackeray and Charles Dickens, The loving ballad of Lord Batemanpoem1839
J.W. McCall, The lowlands of Scotlandlecturen.d.
The lowlands of Scotlandlecturen.d.
Lucky Hans: or, Jack in luckstoryn.d.
Die Luftschiffahrt: I (Ballon und Luftschiff)lecturen.d.
T.K. Longbottom and T.K. Longbottom, Luther: a historical story with songservice of song1877


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