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Miss Nelsie Brook, Paddle your own canoe: or, Harry Bray's disappointmentstory1868
Bartley C. Costello and Joseph S. Nathan, Pal of minesong1905
Paris: before and after the warlecturen.d.
Paris Exhibition, 1878lecturen.d.
Paris Exhibition, 1889lecture1889
Paris Exhibition, 1900lecture1900
The Passion of Our Lordstoryn.d.
Passion Playlecturen.d.
Reverend Ernest N. Coulthard, The Passion Play at Ober-Ammergau: representation in 1910lecture1910
A Passion service: arranged for Good Fridaystoryn.d.
Robert Craven, Pat and the bearpoemn.d.
W.A. Eaton and John Guest, The pathway of life: or, up and downservice of songn.d.
James Tipton and James Tipton, Paul: the little mediatorservice of songn.d.
Paul and Virginiastoryn.d.
Paul en Virginie [Paul and Virginia]storyn.d.
The pawnbroker's shoppoemn.d.
Robert Craven, The peasant and pigspoemn.d.
The peasant, his son, and assunknownn.d.
The pedlar's loan: or Who was the thief?service of songn.d.
Mrs O.F. Walton, A peep behind the scenesstoryn.d.
Friedrich Schiller and Edgar A. Bowring, Pegasus in harnesspoemn.d.
W.A. Eaton, Peter Perkins's puddingpoemn.d.
Peter the fisherman: first seriesstoryn.d.
Peter the fisherman: second seriesstoryn.d.
Phaeton Junior: or, the gig demolishedpoemn.d.
The phantom shipstoryn.d.
Eva Lovett Carson, The philosopher's escapepoemn.d.
Lewis Novra, A photographer's perplexities: or, Tommy's first photopoem1880
Frank Freeland, Phunnifat and the Queenpoemn.d.
Reverend Charles Collins, Pictorial Madagascarlecture1891
J. Fred. Helf and J. Fred. Helf, A picture no artist can paintsong1899
George H. Aldous, Pictures from the life of Jesusservice of song1888
Pictures from the Old Testamentlecturen.d.
Picturesque Cornish scenerylecturen.d.
Picturesque Irelandlecturen.d.
J.J. Acworth, Picturesque Italy: past and presentlecturen.d.
Picturesque Romelecture1901
Leopold Layard, Picturesque scenes in and about Cairo and the Nilelecturen.d.
Picturesque Waleslecturen.d.
Picturesque Warwickshirelecturen.d.
The Pied Piper: the old story as told in the famous Walt Disney filmstory1935
Robert Browning, The Pied Piper of Hamelinpoemn.d.
Robert Browning, The Pied Piper of Hamelinpoemn.d.
Piet de Smeerpoetspoemn.d.
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, The pilgrim and the crosspoemn.d.
Pilgrim's progressstoryn.d.
The Pilgrim's progress: chapter I – the wicket gatestoryn.d.
The Pilgrim's progresspoemn.d.
The Pilgrim's progress: chapter II – Vanity Fairstoryn.d.
The Pilgrim's progress: chapter III – the Holy Citystoryn.d.
The Pilgrim's progressstoryn.d.
The Pilgrim's progressstoryn.d.
The Pilgrim's progresspoemn.d.
Reverend Dr Lamar, The Pilgrim's progressunknown1895
Peter Pindar, The pilgrims and the peaspoemn.d.
Thomas Haynes Bayley and Sidney Nelson, The pilotsong1825
The pilot's storystoryn.d.
A pinch of saltlecturen.d.
Playing the gamelecturen.d.
Hannah More, The plum cakespoemn.d.
Poetical truthsstoryn.d.
Hesba Stretton, Poison in the packetstoryn.d.
Hesba Stretton, Poison in the packet: an old story newly toldstoryn.d.
Poison in the packet: and other storiescompilation1902
Hesba Stretton, Poison in the packet [and other titles]compilation1897
G. Cole Boroughs, A Polish heropoemn.d.
A Polish hero [and other titles]compilationn.d.
Polly: an old salt's yarnpoemn.d.
Pompeii: past and presentlecturen.d.
Pompey's joys and sorrows: a comical nigger storystoryn.d.
Reverend Silas K. Hocking, Poor Mike: the story of a waifservice of songn.d.
W.B. Hodgson, The poor of the big citylecture1905
Stephen Foster and Stephen Foster, Poor old Joe: plantation songsong1860
Poor Pa's trousersstoryn.d.
John Rinder, Poor Robin: the little outcastservice of songn.d.
Poor Tom: or a boy's struggle against temptationstoryn.d.
Popular lantern readings: volume Icompilation1880
Popular lecture on astronomylecturen.d.
Alfred H. Miles and George R. Sims, Popular pieces for reading and recitationcompilationn.d.
J.W. Beattie, Port Arthur and Tasman Peninsular: illustrating the convict days of Tasmanialecture1905
Robert Craven, The portly farmer: or the anti-fat medicine and the pigspoemn.d.
Positive electricitystoryn.d.
Robert Craven, The pot of paintpoemn.d.
The power of music: or Fiddler Podger and the crocodilepoemn.d.
Audrey Talbot, The power of song: a sacred song service for female voicesservice of songn.d.
Reverend G.R. Balleine, Prayersermonn.d.
Reverend John Tyler Pettee, Prayer and potatoes: a trial of faithpoemn.d.
The precocious pigspoemn.d.
Thomas Love Peacock, The priest and the mulberry treepoemn.d.
Prince Charlie and 'the '45'lecturen.d.
Henry Gore, The Prince of Wales' visit to Indialecturen.d.
Prince of Wales's visit to Indialecturen.d.
Private Tommy Atkinssongn.d.
Amy Le Feuvre and John P. Attwater, Probable sonsservice of songn.d.
A problem of lifesermon1907
The prodigal sonstoryn.d.
Professor Pom Pom: or the monkey's adventure with the fiddlepoemn.d.
Professor Sambo's popular lecturesstoryn.d.
Programme for an evening entertainmentcompilationn.d.
J.W. McCall, The progress of intemperancestoryn.d.
Clifton Bingham and Frederic H. Cowen, The promise of lifesong1893
Robert Craven, The pug and the sweeppoemn.d.
Philip Bliss and Philip Bliss, Pull for the shore!songn.d.
Punch and Judystoryn.d.
The punished apple-thiefpoemn.d.
A.J. Mills and Bennett Scott, Puritan maid (ah me! ah my!)song1912
Puss in bootsstoryn.d.
M. Seeck, Puss in bootspoemn.d.
Puss in bootsstoryn.d.
Clara de Chatelain, Pussy's road to ruinstoryn.d.
Pussy's transgressiontitle listn.d.


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