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C.L. Kenney, C.L. Kenney, James L. Molloy and James L. Molloy, The vagabondsong1871
John Townsend Trowbridge, The vagabondspoemn.d.
The valleys of the Aire and Wharfelecturen.d.
The valorous little tailorstoryn.d.
Van de Kalief, die ooievaar werd [The caliph stork]storyn.d.
William B. Fowle, Vat you pleasepoemn.d.
The Vaticanlecture1895
J.J. Acworth, Venicelecturen.d.
Venice: the gem of the Adriaticlecture1896
Oliver Goldsmith and George R. Tweedie, The vicar of Wakefieldstory1894
John M. Skinner, Viennalecturen.d.
Views in Switzerlandlecturen.d.
Views of Londonlecturen.d.
Views of modern London: second serieslecturen.d.
Views of Palestinelecturen.d.
Views of the Bavarian king's castles: and other celebrated sceneslecturen.d.
Views of the Nile: from Alexandria to the Second Cataractlecturen.d.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The village blacksmithpoemn.d.
The village blacksmithlecturen.d.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and W.H. Weiss, The village blacksmithsong1857
Vinegar and smokelecturen.d.
The vision of Hell: by Dante Alighierilecturen.d.
A visit to Cambridgelecture1889
A visit to Madeiralecturen.d.
B.J. Malden, A visit to Teneriffe and Grand Canarylecture1893
A visit to the public buildings and monuments of Londonlecturen.d.
A visit to the ruins of Baalbeclecturen.d.
A visit to the world's great capitalslecture1887
A visit to the Zoolecturen.d.
A visit to the Zoolecturen.d.
F.W.F., A visit to western Norwaylecturen.d.
De vliegende koffer [The flying chest]storyn.d.
The voice of love and mercysermonn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft and W.S. Holdsworth, The volunteer organist: a sacred song service for general useservice of songn.d.
Un voyage au Pole Nord [A journey to the North Pole]lecturen.d.
William Lant Carpenter, The voyage of the 'Challenger': 1873-1876lecturen.d.
A voyage up the Nile: and a visit to the Sphinx, Pyramids, and ancient temples of Egypt and Nubialecturen.d.
Vulkanen [Volcanoes]lecturen.d.


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