The Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern No. 22

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Publication date:  March 2020

Editors:  AUCKLAND, Mary Ann and SEBUS, Gwen


  • Philip Banham, People we meet on the streets: part 1, pp. 1,3-4
  • Magic Lantern Society notice board, p. 2
  • Elisabeth Jegel and Felix Cikanek, Our Moon: longing, art and science, p. 4
  • Josephine Leeuwenhoek, The Queen Victoria conundrum solved, p. 5
  • A City Man, Hoppety Bob's Christmas treat, pp. 6-8
  • Nele Wynants, Soma or Imagining the body: Oona Libens' scientific shadow theatre, pp. 8-9
  • Ângela Santos, Vanessa Otero, Beatriz Rodrigues and Márcia Vilarigues, Unravelling the secrets of magic lantern slide painting, pp. 10-12
  • The magic lantern within, p. 12
  • Sergi Arnalot i Miralles, The Joannys: shadowgraphy artists, pp. 13-14
  • Mary Ann Auckland, 44th Annual General Meeting of the Magic Lantern Society: London, 25 January 2020, pp. 15-16


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