The Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern No. 14

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Publication date:  March 2018

Editor:  AUCKLAND, Mary Ann

Editor:  SEBUS, Gwen


  • Mary Ann Auckland, Dr Mervyn Heard (1948-2017), p. 1
  • Magic Lantern Society notice board, p. 2
  • Mervyn Heard, The wit and wisdom of 'The Old Lanternist', pp. 3-4
  • Mervyn Heard, Another man's wig, p. 4
  • Jeremy Brooker, Prominent magic lanternists: Mervyn Heard, pp. 5-6
  • John Townsend and Bill Barnes, Dick Balzer (1944-2017), p. 7
  • Richard Crangle, Some lesser-known Life Model slide makers: No. 1 -- T.T. Wing of Cambridgeshire, pp. 8-11
  • Lydia Jakobs, From the ivory tower: of projects and cephalopods, p. 11
  • Kate Sandison, Restoring Hope and the magic lantern, p. 12
  • Peter Spencer and Pat Spencer, Obituary: John Horton, p. 13
  • Kevin Varty, Tales of the unexpected, p. 13
  • Gwen Sebus, Last chance to see..., p. 13
  • Mary Ann Auckland, Book review: Projections lumineuses: Molteni, Radiguet & Massiot Successeurs. 1 -- Appareils et accessoires, p. 14
  • Lester Smith, A well-guarded collection, p. 14
  • Mary Ann Auckland, The 42nd Annual General Meeting of the Magic Lantern Society: London, 20 January 2018, pp. 15-16


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